Moving to Minnesota!

I didn’t know how much crap I had until it was time to pack up and move. It’s astonishing, really. The things we keep.

The first day I started packing, I kept almost everything. I couldn’t part with a book I hadn’t touched in YEARS. Or that coffee mug that my husband and I bought on a trip to the Hills–the one that had sat in a box in the garage–certainly had to come with me. How could I toss it?

Well, it’s week two of packing and things are getting donated left and right. And if feels good! Letting go of the old and embracing the new is extremely cathartic and invigorating at the same time. I’m excited to see what awaits me and my husband on our new adventure. We’ve moved many times (California, Italy, Michigan, North Carolina, Colorado, South Dakota…), but this time we are moving as empty-nesters. My oldest will be four hours away, but I’m moving closer to my youngest. She’ll only be a little over an hour away. So I’ve struggled a little with wondering if we made the right choice to move, but I’m trying to embrace the positives. (Like Hobby Lobby will only be a twenty minute drive vs an hour and a half drive!)

I remember when I moved to South Dakota, and the thoughts that went through my head when we crossed the border. It was dusty, hardly a Starbucks to be found, and I was sad as all hell. But I hesitate to leave. I love the freedom South Dakota offers. The laid-back feeling you get in this state. The safety and security.

But this time I’m going to embrace the move. I’m going to look forward to new sights and opportunities (Even if it kills me. I’m more of a glass half empty kind of girl. Trying to change!)

Here are a few pictures of our time spent in our future state. 🙂

Right now I’m in the middle of my Dakota Cowboy series, and those will continue. Dakota Sunshine will be released as a free read in the coming weeks, and Dakota Thunder will be released early next year.

I wonder what inspiration Minnesota will bring… 🙂

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