Workbooks for Writers

Motivational Workbook for Writers – Ripped

Workbook includes:
Breakdown of the 'One Scene a Day' writing process.
One page dedicated to your book's title, hook and blurb, with a pre-published checklist to make sure you are ready by your publication date.
Two-page storyboard (accommodates up to 24 chapters).
Three months of scene worksheets (M-TH scene worksheet, Friday editing/catch-up day worksheet).
25 consecutive pages for editing notes.
Three pages dedicated to your first read-through (24 chapters are broken down by tables).
Three pages dedicated to line edits (24 chapters are broken down by tables).
Several pages dedicated to notes (character, GMC... whatever you need!)
About Me

Dawn McClure has been writing for several years, and enjoys having a planner for each book she writes. She’s been teaching her writing process – One Scene a Day – at SavvyAuthors for several years. This three-month, non-dated workbook can be used to keep your plot in line and your goals front and center.