Dakota Sunshine – Now in Kindle Unlimited

Dakota Sunshine is now available in KU. If you didn’t nab it while it was free, it’s still cheap to buy and it’s also in Kindle Unlimited.


She thought she knew what she wanted…until he came back to town.

Brooke Evans knows exactly what she wants out of life: South Dakota dirt under her fingernails, the prairie stretched out before her, and a ranch to call her own. She’s the type of woman who knows what she wants and works fourteen-hour days to get it. And those dreams do not involve a cowboy and his two little girls—no matter how many times she’s thought about him since he left town.

A lot has changed since Chris Austin left the town of Garner, but no one changed more than Brooke, the farmer’s daughter that used to follow him around like a Heeler to a herd. Though she’d morphed into a woman while he’d been gone, her tenacity hasn’t changed a bit. So when the two go after the same plot of land, tempers fly—right along with the sparks that had been missing a decade before.

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