A Little Branding Going On…

Good afternoon! I received a few emails about the header change. LOL So here’s the deal… My books aren’t spicy, nor are they sweet. For some readers, the lack of sex scenes in my books rub them the wrong way (see what I did there). For other readers who enjoy sweet books, the cursing in my books irritate them. In the publishing world, we label books. My books don’t fit the ‘hot’ OR ‘sweet’ labels. So I came up with a new label: Semi-Sweet.

That describes my books — and me! — in a nutshell.

My friend Leslie came up with the line, All of the Sass, None of the Ass… and we died when she said it. So I knew that was the winner. Because, essentially, if that snappy little line made you laugh, then you’ll like my books. But if you grabbed your pew a little tighter and made a sign of the cross, my books probably aren’t for you.

If you’re looking for hot, sexy books, look for erotica. 🙂 If you’re looking for sweet, try an inspirational.

Fun Fact: I was a priest’s secretary for three years. If he’s reading this, he’s probably shaking his head and hoping I go to confession real soon. LOL

Hope this answers some questions! Enjoy your day! 🥰

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