Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater – Countdown to Christmas

When I originally downloaded Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Premier list, this was the ONE Hallmark Christmas movie I was looking forward to this year. The title grabbed me right away, and I knew it would be hilarious. It DID NOT disappoint! We have our first five star, ladies and gents!

LOL. Gents. Who’s kidding? Okay, ladies… here we go.

This is the best movie of the season so far. We start off with a fun, positive heroine, which normally puts me off, but the great thing about Maggie is that her positivity is mostly an act. She’s recently divorced and this will be her first Christmas without her daughter. She’ll be all alone for Christmas. Now, who hasn’t tried to put on a good face? Maggie’s overwhelming positivity is understandable–and relatable to most women.

In the beginning of the movie Maggie accidentally nails the hero, Lucas (who’s jogging), with a Christmas tree, and he breaks his wrist in the fall. It’s actually pretty funny. She literally says, “Oh my God, I didn’t just kill Christmas Sweater Dad.” (Because she saw him in a terrible Christmas sweater earlier.)

But the best thing about the hero? You got it. He’s kind of a dick. I like him instantly! The Beta Bad Boy. Because, let’s be honest. There are no alphas in Hallmark movies. hahaha If there were, I’d be an even bigger fan. He is hot, though, so he’s got that going for him as well. πŸ˜‰

But I digress.

Let’s get to the tropes/cliches/staples!

Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

Cute Meet – HILARIOUS! βœ“

Cute, INSANELY decorated house (AND guesthouse) βœ“

Heroine’s BFF who KNOWS what the heroine needs in her life βœ“

Cute kid(s) that has never needed to be disciplined a day in their life βœ“

Shopping for Christmas tree βœ“

Snowball fight βœ“

Horse-drawn carriage ride through town βœ“

MAIN EVENT: Christmas Eve Party at the Holiday Camp for Kids βœ“

Kiss at the end (that finally felt REAL!!) βœ“

Both Lucas and Maggie are down on love. She’s recently divorced. His fiancΓ© dumped him not so long ago. So while neither is looking forward to Christmas, they end up together because he’s staying in her guesthouse while he recuperates from his wrist injury. And, by the way, her guesthouse was decorated more than my actual house is decorated for the holidays. Just sayin. That was weird.

Maggie drags this poor guy to the Holiday Camp on base, which is for kids who have one or more parent deployed overseas. Maggie volunteers there because her best friend runs the youth center. They’re making gingerbread houses when they arrive.

Lucas is an architect, and he’s going to help the kids at the Holiday Camp on base make a giant gingerbread house. haha. Cute. Kinda. Well, maybe a little much, but I went with it because I liked the characters right off the bat. And these two had chemistry from the start–something that’s been missing from the other movies in my honest, humble opinion. And they kissed before the movie was over! In the carriage ride. Then they snuggled… awww, it’s all about the romance people! The romance.

Beside all that, the plot was believable, and the military kids at the end that could Zoom with their deployed parents? And then her wearing his Christmas sweater when he comes back… I’m not crying. You’re crying.

That’s why I give it FIVE stars. This Hallmark movie hit it out of the park!

Here’s the trailer for anyone who wants to give this movie a try:

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