Worksheets for Romance Writers

Like many authors, I have a thing for planners. I use the type of planner that allows you to add/remove pages, so naturally I started to create pages that focused on writing.

Here is a page dedicated to the inner workings of a scene: Download here: Scene Worksheet Snowflakes

This is a worksheet I made for 90 Minute Reads (15k stories): 90 Minute Read Chapter Breakdown

Here’s another MASTER scene sheet. This is my go-to worksheet. I try to write one scene a day, and these sheets help me stay on track! Monday – Thursday I write a scene, and on Friday I go over the four scenes (which equal two chapters for me at about 2,500 words a scene, 5,000 a chapter). Here is the worksheet I use for my Fridays, which is a GREAT way to catch up and take a breather before the weekend! MASTER Friday scene sheet.

Feel free to download and use!Microsoft Word - Scene Worksheet Snowflakes from Top.docx

Microsoft Word - 90 Minute Read Chapter Breakdown.docx

MASTER scene sheet

MASTER Friday scene sheet

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