Romance Writers of America Conference 2018

The RWA National Conference was held in Denver this year. It’s been so long since I’ve published anything, and I’ve changed SO much since I was last active in RWA, it was nerve-wracking to jump back in the saddle. But I did. And it was AWESOME.

I’m still working on editing Dakota Storm (with my editor now…thank GOD), so I don’t have a book out at the moment, but what I do have is IndieCafe. IndieCafe will be a branch site of SavvyAuthors, and it’s going to be geared toward everything indie! From covers to formatting to figuring out if you should go wide or KU, IndieCafe is going to be the place to find your footing in the indie world. Our motto? Going indie doesn’t mean going alone.

Here’s our logo:

Indie Sticker Transparent

Love. It. Anyway, SavvyAuthors (which is Leslie Dow, RJ Garside and Myself) had a table at the Tradeshow event at RWA. RJ couldn’t make it – girlfriend lives in Canada – but Leslie and I were able to hold down the fort. BTW, a very BUSY fort for four hours. (The photos were taken on my phone, so they aren’t the best.)

Leslie’s shy…you can barely see her in the red shirt. I think we have a picture together, but I couldn’t find it on my phone. Nonetheless, there is the table and all the swag Savvy had. The stickies and plotting board went like hotcakes.

Then there were the times I went fangirl on poor, unsuspecting authors:

The author on the left is Susan Donovan – LOVE her! I didn’t recognize her at first with her shorter hair. When I did recognize her I immediately went into meltdown mode and asked for a picture. I might have even clapped my hands together like a five-year-old. Eh, I bet she’s used to it so it’s all good.

The author on the left is Kari Lynn Dell – SQUEE!!! She’s my favorite author. She writes western romance set in Texas. My favorite book of hers, Tougher in Texas, was up for a Rita this year. Suffice to say I was super excited to meet her! Toward the end of the conference I realized she was staying only one door down from my room. haha Crazy. The only way I could describe it to my husband (to explain my insane excitement) was to point out that it would be like him being a few doors down from his favorite football player. I mean…hello? Writers are readers FIRST. We can’t help but have our author superheroes. Anyway, Kari (first name basis, what can I say?) and I chatted a few times, so my life is complete.

Other than that we partied:

Great food, great friends, and I brought my daughter Kate along, which made it even more special! Next conference up just might be the BookLovers Convention in New Orleans. I’m not sure I’m going yet but it sounds like a blast.

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