Family, Faith & Freedom

Whew! Americans sure know how to turn it out on the 4th of July week/weekend. My family and I managed to fit in some fishing, swimming, two rodeos, two parades and consumed WAY too many calories these past few days. ‘Merica! I also tried my hand at some DIY 4th of July pallet/wood projects and they didn’t turn out horrible.

To start off the 4th of July festivities (a few days before the actual holiday) my husband and I went fishing at Spring Lake. We caught nothing. Zilch. Not even a bite. Guess we’re not good at fishing, but it was nice and relaxing with hardly a soul in sight!

I wasn’t too disappointed in the fact that we caught nothing, since we didn’t have to clean/gut fish. So I went home and focused on some DIY wood projects for the 4th. I think they turned out decent. Little bit of wood, some burlap and some paint. I used stencils for the words because I am not artistically inclined. If you notice – I did right off the bat – my America on the three blocks project is way off center. 😦 I’m going to find a little wooden American Flag and paste it on there. No, I’m not OCD…why do you ask?

Here in Hoven, South Dakota, we had an All School Reunion. Our little town of 300 turned into a busy little hubub (one of our neighbors made a swimming pool out of haybales and tarp which WILL be going into my next book. It was awesome.). There were many activities and street dances, but since I didn’t graduate from HHS (I’m originally from Cali) I mostly stayed home. Here are a few pics from the parade and the rodeo that I did go to.

That’s my oldest daughter and her boyfriend.

My youngest daughter, Katie, is an EMT (Pictured above, the passenger in the ambulance) and a lifeguard here in Hoven. So on the day before the 4th, I headed to the pool to hang out with her. For hours it was just the two of us. It was so relaxing! πŸ™‚

There was a crazy storm just east of Hoven later that night (July 3rd). I snapped a few pics of it. God, I love South Dakota. The nearest Starbucks might be 80 miles away, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I wouldn’t trade country living for ANYTHING.

Then there was the actual 4th of July. First we went to the parade.

Then we attended the rodeo. I didn’t take any pictures of the bull riding since I have so many pictures of that already on the blog. I took pics of the bronc riding and other events instead.

My favorite picture from the rodeo is below: (Just look at that horse’s face! haha!)


I’m getting better with my Nikon, since that was taken all the way across the arena. Go me!

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July! God bless!!

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