Pacifying My Inner Child

My Promise Bible 2

<– Just look at how cute this creative bible is! To be honest, I never really got into adult coloring. My kids (college age) and I bought a few of the adult coloring books and some colored pencils, but I might have spent a total of ten minutes eyeballing all those circles and flowers, squinting and trying to see well enough to color within the lines. But THIS. This is awesome!

My husband is big into watching TV at night. From American Pickers to NCIS, Fox News to old westerns, he watches it all. And he flips the channel when a commercial comes on, then gets engrossed in THAT program, and forgets to go back to the last program…until a commercial comes on, and off we go again. I can’t. I just can’t. He literally drives me insane flipping through channels.My Promise Bible 4

Now, with this new creative bible, I can get out my lap desk and study and color, and maybe while doing it, reduce the stress of the day while he skims through channels.

I wouldn’t recommend this creative bible as a serious study bible. There are no footnotes at the bottom of the page, and the back matter is mostly coloring pages on things such as worry, forgiving, compassion, etc. That being said, if you want to wind down and read God’s Word at the end of a long day, while pacifying your inner child…this is the bible for you.

My Promise Bible 3I bought this creative bible at Hobby Lobby for $44.00. This bible comes with beautiful sticky tabs for each book of the bible and a few stickers (I wasn’t particularly impressed with the stickers and likely won’t use them). I ended up buying colored pencils from Walmart (couldn’t find any at Hobby Lobby), because I didn’t want to use markers that might bleed onto the back of the page you’re coloring on. Some of the markers I looked at promised not to bleed through, but I decided to stick to colored pencils.

This particular creative bible is a King James Version Bible, and not a Catholic bible, so I was a little bummed by that, since I’m Catholic…but like I said before, I didn’t buy this to study, but more to reflect.

Suffice to say, I would highly recommend this creative bible. So far it’s worth every penny I spent.My Promise Bible 5




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